A safe and secure place is a smart place to live!

An end to end smart lock solution for commercial and residential spaces. 

idoor smart lock for home


Discover your perfect lock

You don’t need a key anymore!

iDoor Lock

iDoor Lock

Your smartphone is the virtual key

Real time activity feedback

Hassle-free access

Track battery levels of each lock

Lock and unlock the door from dashboard as well

Get rid of that Key

iDoor Lite

iDoor Lite

3 deadbolts for higher security

App powered smart lock

BLE Connected

Manual Operation with Keys

Long Lasting Battery

This edge is definitely super.

iDoor Edge

iDoor Edge

App Powered – iOS and Android

Finger Print module with ceramic finish

Dead Bolt SS – 316

Motor Protection Technology

Dimple Key

This is a smart way to access! 

iDoor Access

iDoor Access

Drop bolt lock in 4 variations:

Wooden door to Wooden door

Wooden door to Glass door

Concealed wooden door to glass door

Glass door to glass door

Go keyless with Lock+

iDoor Lock +

iDoor Lock +

3 deadbolts for higher security

Equipped with sophisticated power management technology

App powered smart lock

Biometric Enabled

Long lasting Battery life

Its time to go key-less

iDoor Glassdoor

iDoor Glassdoor

Fingerprint/password/ID Card Unlocking

Double Authentication Function

High resolution backlit digital keypad

Stainless steel bolts for higher security

More secure than a traditional conventional lock

A complete smart lock solution for all your needs.

Easy to use and quick to setup

Offers better safety and control to your security concerns

Adaptable to all kinds of doors

iDoor is the new way of life!

A modern and complete solution for safe homes and offices.

It’s completely keyless!

With iDoor, all you need is the lock, no keys.

Safe and Secure

Passing the test of time, you can put your bets on this lock!

Can it get any easier?

The installation and the process to get started is easy and quick.

Finger Prints

As the name suggests, it gets very easy to get through the house or office door simply with your finger prints. The best part is you are saved from the hassle of searching for your house keys. 

Anyone can duplicate your house keys but no one duplicate your finger print.

Virtual Key

Everything is in control of your smartphone. You don’t need to remember getting your keys or anything else. Smartphones are something you definitely won’t forget and everything can be controlled at your fingertips.

Use Logs

All the logs of the usage of the lock are collected real time in the system. The user can access them and check out and this adds another layer to the security for your home or office.

Auto Lock

You need not remind yourself every time to lock the house door or office door. With the auto-lock feature, you are relieved of the hassle to turn back and check if the door is locked properly or not. 

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Step-up the security of your home or office space with our smart lock solution!

A smart-lock!

Put a lock to your security concerns.

Don’t worry about forgetting your keys, getting locked out or any stranger getting through your security! 

iDoor App


Here you can find frequently asked questions. Need more help? Please contact our support team or visit our knowledge base. We’re here for you.

Smart Locks can be the safest as compared to the traditional locks. They help you control who can have access to your house or office, strangers cannot easily breakthrough and they make your life much easier.

It could absolutely be the case that you might have lost your phone or misplaced it. You can still enter your home or office with finger detection or password.

We have the ability to track battery levels of the locks so it gets easier for you to know when the battery is about to die and take the next steps accordingly.

We offer support 24*7. Good customer service is our utmost priority and we make sure to deliver the best in that.